Dear reader

If you have stumbled on this website by chance, or purpose, I want to welcome you and use this opportunity to give you few information about us and the project in english



HighOnSteep is an online hiking guide/blog, focused exclusively on hills and mountains of Croatia, a country situated at the crossroads of central and southeast Europe. Small in size and population, unique shape and location provides best of the both worlds for hikers; the steep and rocky summits of the Adriatic seaside, and the green and wild forest mountains deep in the country side.

The general idea of website is to provide you, dear reader, with the most popular summits of Croatia, and possible attractive routes how to conquer them. Not all the mountains, summits and possible routes are covered on this site, it is still work in progress. Now when I think of it, it is more like never-ending work in progress, because there will be always some new way to conquer the peak.



Original intention for this site was to be available in multi-language, English and native Croatian, hence the name of the project in English. But…

…I need to be hiker, photographer, writer, web designer, PR-specialist, just to name a few. In some parts I’m good, in some parts average, in some quite awful (I’m aware of that), but what I lack the most is the time.

Don’t we all, you might think.

In that small amount of free time, at late night hours, I barely manage to keep everything together in native language. For multi-language site I would need more members in my team, I would need a faithful pack of volunteers but for now I don’t have pack of mentioned hiker little helpers, I’m more of a lone wolf. Heartbreaking, I know.

One day I plan on having everything available in English, but not today.


Can you benefit form the site even in Croat VERSION?

Absolutely YES, you can still benefit from it even if you don't speak Croat!

I will provide you with all needed information how to easily navigate through the content of the website, and how to gather valuable information for hiking in Croatia. But you must do your part and read entire post. Skipping is not tolerated, and its frowned upon.



By clicking on the image below, you will enter a map of Croatia which contains all the taken hikes described by this website so far. By zooming in or out, you can scan the area of your interest and see if there are any mountains or trails to visit.



But if you don't want to lose time exploring this site for the best hiking trails that country has to offer, you can simply click on the special category inside the trips called: MUST HIKE. I must focus your attention one more time to the fact that inside are not all the best hikes available in Croatia, only the ones covered by this website so far.



Still here? Eager to learn more? Good. Lets start with mountain sectors of the country. Croatia is divided in twenty mountain sectors as you can see on the image.

If you happen to be in one of them, or you plan to travel through several of them, and you have free time to explore them, you simply go to sections of IZLETI – which stands for TRIPS in English, and once inside chose the part of the country that you wish to experience.

For instance (in the picture below), if you are in Capital of the country, and want to explore beautiful mountain above Zagreb, you will chose sector #4. MEDVDENICA.

Once inside you can filter the routs by three categories:

Atraktivno – stands for attractive (recommended)

Dobri / OK – stands for good or OK trips

Ne-zanimljivi – stands for BORING trips which will happen never again (not recommended)


So you pick one attractive trip, but still all the information is given in foreign language, how is this helping?

Well, the GPX profile of the route is in universal language. You can gather a lot information about the trip just by examining the altitude profile and hike distance. You can also see on the map where the starting point of the route is, and more often than not, there will be parking space for your vehicle. You can download a GPX trail and use it via smartphone or Garmin device, as a safety precaution against wandering off the trail and getting lost.

You can still benefit from viewing picture gallery of the described trip, even without written remarks below picture. You will see firsthand how the trail looks like, how big is the parking, is there any view from the top, etc...

some information is better than no information



I assume that you are seasoned hiker, and you know how to take care of yourself and your fellow team members in nature. However, if you do get lost, or experience any harm, or get stranded, immediately CALL 112 for Croatian Mountain Rescue Service!

This is no place and time to be heroic, stubborn or prideful. You are in trouble, and you are calling best of best. Be calm, give them most accurate status report of the situation, and wait for help.

Please be advised that all materials on HighOnSteep.com are published for information purposes only so you Visitor can gain better knowledge of area of your interest. You must be aware that offered GPX trails are only to be used as additional help during the orientation on unknown mountain territory, and by following the trails you take all the responsibility for safety upon yourself.



This is most of what I can give you in this English section of the website. I hope you will find it useful, and that you will enjoy your stay and beauty of our little, but special country of Croatia.

Dear reader best of luck.


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